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We continue to enjoy a close relationship with friends and colleagues in Zambia.  We support a number of projects in the field of education and also give help in the medical field as well.  Grace  is so grateful for the sacks and also the new comfort packs we are sending.


Manaca School

This project comes under the the umbrella of Grace  and her Good Shepherd Ministry.The school is entirely dependent on goods from Operation Sunshine and Literacy in a box.Class sizes are around 40


Kathy's school at Kachele, Natemwa Learning Centre is beautifully equipped having received money from all over the world and help from Operation Sunshine to build projects


Dorothy's school at Chainda has a library with with an array of books supplied by Operation Sunshine over many years. This is a haven of peace where children can do their homework. Many of the children achieve places at secondary school.


One of our regular e-mailers is a Headmaster called Ephraim. He is managing to educate over 200 children.

Some of these children have special nutritional needs and we have good sponsors at Operation Sunshine to ensure these children receive food and water each school day.


At the following three schools

Taonga, George Compound and Jedidiah Learning Steps we still have a lot of projects waiting for help.


Further Education 

Girls and young women receive training in cookery and sewing skills. Successful students pass on their knowledge resulting in new projects such as that below.

Kasama Koffee Shop

Grace, who organises distribution of goods from the containers etc.,has helped to organise a project at Kasama. This started out as a rudimentary cooking project where the ladies cook a very basic stew or soup and then carry it out to the factories etc. Now with the provision of tables and chairs from GoPak in Hythe they have expanded to open a coffee shop. This is a very basic place with lunches, coffee etc served throughout the day. This project is going from strength to strength.



Patients at Zambia Teaching Hospital often have come hundreds of miles and arrive with nothing. We send care packs comprising basic soap toothpaste toothbrush and face cloth.Whilst at the hospital the ladies also distribute our baby packs which consist of a set of hand knitted clothing,babygrows and some nappies. In addition we send goods such as wheelchairs, zimmer frames and crutches which would otherwise be thrown away here. Incontinence pads are always in demand.


Kitwe Central Hospital

The doctor there operates enormous cataract clinics in rural areas. Often the patients are without sight until the cataracts are removed, so they feel they have experienced a  miracle.



There is no doubt that there is enormous need for help in Zimbabwe but at the moment we are still waiting permission to allow our goods in on a charitable basis.



In Lesotho there is an Operation Susnhine container which is painted and in good use.  Lesotho is a country of desperate poverty, however they are trying to become self sufficient in food.  


We are hoping to be able to send a container to Lesotho before the end of 2017.




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